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Bio of Bishop and Counselor Mark Anthony King, M.A., QMHP

Mark KingPresident and Founder of "Second Chance Ministries" The ministry theme is: "Rebuilding Lives: One at a Time"; He is married to Melinda Ransom King, originally from Conyers, Georgia. They met and married at Lee University, Cleveland, Tennessee. Mark graduated from Lee with a B.S. in "Christian Education" and Minors in "Intercultural Studies" and "Bible." Melinda graduated from Lee with a B.A. in "Sociology" and Minors in "Human Resources" and "Bible."

Bishop King and Melinda envision building an expectant single or Needy mother's home in the New River Valley. Mrs. Angie Gillespie, on the "Second Chance House" Board of Directors, is the Director of this project called "Second Chance House."

Bishop King holds a M.A. in Christian Counseling & Psychology and is a licensed Clinical Counselor with the National Christian Counselors Association ... He also holds a Conditional License with the State of Virginia in Special Education with "Emotionally Disturbed" (ED) and "Learning Disabilities" (LD), and is currently a Mental Health Support Specialist (MHSS). On Bishop King's radio broadcast, "Rebuilding Lives", his mother, Glena M. Jessee-King, and father, Ronald K. King, minister as well as himself and other ministers from time to time.

Mark and Melinda have four children: Ashley Lynn, Emily Danielle, Kimberlee Elizabeth, and Gregory Michael. Melinda and Mark both sing. He and Melinda pastored almost eight years when including being an Associate Pastor & CE & Youth Director. They founded a church when he was twenty-three that grew from three to over fifty in three years. An astute administrator, he brought the church under all IRS regulations, purchased a building and extra land. After he left to pastor his second and last church, the first church added an extension and other and those properties and additions are paid in full. While on pastoral sabbatical Mark founded "Second Chance Ministries" and entered his field as a Mental Health Youth Counselor, then a Mental Health Specialist.

Mark and Melinda have earned credibility in both religious and secular areas:

Bishop King is well established in the community, not only through pastoral counseling (He was a Church counselor for "Valley Harvest Ministries" in Dublin, Virginia.), but in many sectors. Also, he was instrumental in facilitating "Celebrate Recovery," a faith-based addict recovery program there at "VHM" and in other ministries. Ordained Bishop King is ordained through the PH church as well as under "Second Chance Ministries."

"Second Chance Ministries" moved their central offices into a building on West Main Street in Pulaski, Virginia in May 2005, where adolescent, pre- marital- post-marital, and substance abuse counseling are offered in a Loving and Christian environment. This ministry was birthed with the main idea of serving the Body of Christ. "SCM" is no longer located here.

With one principle in mind: "God does give second chances." And sometimes third, fourth, and so on. Luke 15 and the three parables, the prodigal son in particular, helped inspire our goal to endeavor to provide to churches and individuals: seminars, spiritual enlightenment and continued education that equips the saints to do the work of the ministry.

Bio of Evangelist/Prophetess Glena M. Jessee-King and Pastor/Evangelist Ronald K. King:

Ronald KingAs early as age five, Glena became partially aware of her destiny in God's work. At age eleven, after all medical hope was exhausted and she was willing to obey God in ministry, Glena was divinely healed of severe rheumatic fever, a rheumatic heart, and muscular meningitis at home on a Saturday night in February. It was a miracle that exalted God and His Christ to hundreds in a school system and area churches and communities at the time and, later, to thousands.

When Glena ministered fulltime, after high school graduation, to over twelve denominations, thousands were touched by Christ's complete ministry through His handmaid. She had ministered since age fourteen, first revivals at age sixteen. She married Ronald King and they evangelized extensively to thousands as a team for four years. Then they stepped down to pastor a church limited in people, facilities, and funds. As they sought the non-limited God, the church grew from approximately twelve faithful plus several children and attendees to a surplus church in seven months growing to 150/175 during night services alone. They and their almost completely new congregation built a beautiful church in five years, the Kings ministering out all the while through preaching and music and song. Three years later the Kings left to merge two churches into one and Rev. Ron King prepared everything ready to build. After returning to their first pastorate, and five years of seeking God, the church began to grow again. After two building programs - with the third project, the contractor who had been saved and delivered while on an LSD trip to their revival in Rockville, Maryland and became a "backbone member" of that church - moved to Virginia and saved the church several thousand. Glena took art at Virginia Tech and wrote, directed, produced, acted in and painted most of the backdrops of over twenty play dramas that often people drove long distances to see her large-cast dramas/plays.

Glena has a B.A. in "Christian Education" and has ministered in many denominational, non-denominational and several independent churches as well as in other places, wherever God has opened the door. She exalts Jesus in sound Biblical doctrine, full Gospel, and seeks to encourage and edify each local body or audience under God. Husband, Ronald K. King, minister, musician, songwriter, and singer ministers Jesus with the same mission. Both desire to labor in the harvest and promote healing of the Whole Person: Spirit, Soul, Mind, and Body.

The Kings have available CDs, cassettes, ministry/prophecy albums, video and cassettes of Glena's healing testimony, poems, painting prints, her book, and other inspirational materials, hopefully available soon on the web, some projects in stores, and small quantities when they travel. For faster personal contact for a Conference, Special Service(s), Glena's email address is currently:

C. W. Stoots:

C. W. Stoots, ("Second Chance House" Board Member) Graduated from Gulpton-Jones, Licensed Mortician; Owns his own business: "Cabri Funeral Consultants."