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The Founder

As Founder and President of "Second Chance Ministries," my hope is that all will come to the experience of the saving grace and power of Jesus Christ.

First and foremost, I am a Christian counselor. As such, I believe that hiding our beliefs and trying to do value-free counseling is both unwise and impossible to do, so I want you to know what my important values and beliefs are.

Like most counselors, I recognize that personal problems can come about because of physiological-, social- environmental influences and psychological pressures. I also believe that many problems can be spiritual in nature, resulting from either not understanding biblical truth or from sinful behavior. I also believe that individuals are created in God's image and can only feel complete and fulfilled by a relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ. Thus, Christian counseling, as opposed to other kinds of counseling, is very concerned with the spiritual as well as the emotional and physical needs of clients. The main goal of Christian counseling, like the goal of Christian living, is to enable clients to move toward greater emotional and spiritual health by becoming more like Jesus Christ.

As a Christian counselor, I am not limited to psychological techniques or to my own human effort and wisdom. I believe that God is the real authority in counseling and He gives us the resources to change.

I believe that counseling without the JESUS FACTOR is about as effective as applying a band-aid over a bacterial-infested wound. I believe counseling should involve praying about the client's difficulties and looking to the dependency of God and to being an active part in a local Church. The client can find forgiveness for the past, strength and comfort for the present, and hope for the future by trusting the Lord to daily meet needs and heal emotional wounds. I try to reflect the character of Jesus Christ and to love my clients as He does. While I do not try to force religion on my clients, I do urge them to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ, whom I feel is the only true Healer of body, mind, and spirit.