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Redemption Celebration Life Center

Part-time Pastor and Evangelist Ronald K. King (Ordained Bishop in the 'COG') had a vision coinciding with his son, Bishop and Professional Counselor, Mark A. King (Ordained with the 'PH' denomination) to plant a church chapel under the umbrella of 'SCM' after it became fully incorporated. The church chapel was always under 'Second Chance Ministries' which was, at first, also under the umbrella of 'River of Life Ministries,' Jacksonville Theological Seminary of Florida. However, 'Second Chance Ministries' and 'RCLC' became and are under 'Second Chance Ministries Board of Directors' and Bishop Mark King (as a centralized local church government), Founder and President. 'RCLC' is independent of any denomination, but maintains affiliations with a couple of large denominations. 'SCM' and 'RCLC' are fully accredited as a non-profit organization in accordance with all IRS regulations and the tax code 501 3(C). *

Father and son's God-given vision concerning the church/chapel involve several areas, not limited to, but including a sanctuary for: those not attending a good home church, anyone and everyone seeking soul salvation or healing for the whole person: body, mind, spirit, and soul; and, as possible to feed, clothe, assist any that enter the doors or that are outside the Church Chapel (a practical church chapel for our times/ministering to others in practical ways).

They desire that all who enter the church chapel will feel they are guests and achieve a higher spiritual level in Christ.

Evangelist and prophetess Glena Jessee-King's desire, pertaining to the ministries of 'RCLC,' is to minister healing there to the whole person. The vision of Ministers Ronald, Glena, and Mark are one: to edify the body of Christ and reach those regardless of their faith(religious affiliation) or their lack thereof in need of the 'Greatest News' ever, the 'Gospel of Jesus Christ.'

Early 2004, several gifted and qualified leaders unified with the Kings by the Holy Spirit inspiration in the same God-given vision of 'Second Chance Ministries.' The body at 'RCLC' worships God in Spirit and Truth, and as they receive, they endeavor to give the same to those in need within and outside the church.

Ms. Rhonda Holbrook was appointed the Church Chapel Administrator and her nephew, Michael Holbrook, the Assistant Administrator; Joann Holbrook and Tina Hinkley, greeters; and James and Mary Whetzel, Maintenance or wherever needed with Mary the 'Women's Ministries' President.' Later, Marti Young (assisted by husband, Ottie), Pam D. Price (added approximately 2008) became 'Special Events Coordinators.' Current Church Chapel Musicians (2010): Mark King, Ronald King, Rhonda Holbrook, Cole McPherson, Sandy Young, Jean Harris, Kim King (Learning/Playing Guitar), Diane T., Glena J.K. assist; "P & W" led by Jean Harris/Melinda R. King. Every member of the local body contributes their dedication, talents, time, and financial support to the operation of 'RCLC.'

Services are currently held once weekly, each Sunday morning beginning at 10:30 A.M. The first service was held on April 4, 2004 in Microtel Inns and Suites, Christiansburg, Virginia, with approximately forty attending. The infant church chapel remained there until October 3, 2004.

Services were then held in the Seventh Day Adventist Church, Radford, Virginia through September 2005. 'RCLC' purchased its own building at 265 Craig St., Christiansburg, Virginia and conducted their first service there on October 2, 2005. The church chapel has since grown from about twenty regulars to more than thirty regulars and faithful supporters of this ministry and the other ministries within 'Second Chance Ministries.'

* For more information concerning our church chapel by-laws please email us.